All Fußpunkt® products are tested by dermatologists, recommended for diabetics, exclusively available in well-known foot care, health & beauty, and podiatrist shops

Fußpunkt® Crack Wonder

Intensive care for very callused, cracked feet

Fußpunkt® Foot Cream With Lipids

for regular care of sensitive and dry skin

Fußpunkt® Milk & Honey

with milk and honey: Intense care for sweet steps!

Fußpunkt® Special Foot Bath

with callus softening extract

Fußpunkt® Nail Oil

for nail care and prevents athlete’s foot

Fußpunkt® Nail Tincture

protects and strengthens fungus-prone skin and nail parts

Fußpunkt® Protective Cream

strengthens the skin and enhances the skin image at the same time

Dermapunkt® Body lotion

regenerates stressed skin and rebuilds its physiological barrier permanently

Handpunkt® Intensive Care

ensures intensive care up to the fingertips and prevents aging spots