Fußpunkt® Crack Wonder

Our favorite classic: Crack-Wonder

The 14-day cure against calluses and cracks makes the skin soft and smooth and protects it from external damage. Unpleasant redness and painful cracks in the skin are prevented and your skin shows lasting improvement.

Many foot care specialist and podiatrists agree about the effects of our Crack Cure:
“We’ve been using Crack Cure with our clients for years and can only confirm the effect of this project and recommend it to others. Crack Cure is a clever combination of many natural ingredients that work well together in harmony. This formula has helped many patients, especially diabetics. Some have been looking for the right foot care product for years and then found Crack Cure and now won’t use anything else. Crack Cure is even being used to manage wounds in clinical settings with very good results.”

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Crack-Wonder is optimally

  • fast
  • intensive
  • visible
  • reliable
  • long-lasting

A blend of moisturizing urea (15 %) and the care-boosting evening primrose oil. Rounded off with a vitamin complex of avocado oil, algae extract, and smoothing allantoin to treat callused, cracked skin.

  • 6 ml
  • 75 ml
  • 150 ml
  • 450 ml